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What are your WoW Politics?

Everyone has different stances on different issues in the political spectrum, red states, blues states, pro taxes, anti taxes (ok everyone is against taxes), but you get my point.  Well the same thing can be said if you look out onto any social network, people expressing their opinions about Facebook’s privacy policy to Apple’s snafu regarding their iPhone 4 antenna.

Well its no different in World of Warcraft, there are many different issues that people stand firmly usually on one side or the other, some usually break this down to the casual vs. hardcore debate.  Honestly though its not that simple, and goes beyond all that.

Lets review the issues…


Is it better to have the highly skilled, well prepared player but he may be an asshole or the low to medium skilled member but who has a great personality.  And yes there is the holy grail of the great player with a great personality, but for the sake of this issue how do you weigh the two other sides?  Many folks who prefer to progress may lean towards the higher skilled player and may put up with his/her subpar attitude in the name of killing bosses.  Though maybe a more casual raiding team would take the lesser skilled player because community is more important to them.

I have even heard from some folks in hardcore guild that would rather have the lesser skilled better personality people simply from the point they refuse to play with jerks.  I heard from one friend in a casual raiding guild that he would prefer the highly skilled player because he felt he could keep the attitude in check.

For sure its certainly an issue that people are on one side or the other.  But from my research I tend to see more in favor of the lesser skilled better personality because they can learn.

Gear Score

This debate is hot and contested.  Those who love it, those who hate it, most know my stance on it.  Some even float the middle ground saying its a necessary evil.  With Blizzard’s recent announcement that they are throttling the inspect queries done by add-ons, will certainly impact the Gear Score mod (along with several others).  The end goal may be less load on the servers and the back-end databases, which may ultimately translate to less lag in cities.  But thats a whole ‘nother issue.

The issue at hand is those for or against Gear Score.  Many PuG fans are in favor of Gear Score simply from the standpoint it helps them to weed out poorly geared folks for content.  Hardcore guilds for the most part shun it and instead want to see log files of players’ performance.  Some other guilds and players refuse to use it at all and won’t group with folks.  Others simply use it as a barometer to see how they are progressing gear wise.

For this issue, I really don’t get an accurate count of who really likes it or hates it, but those who are most vocal seem to despise the Gear Score system that has infiltrated World of Warcraft.  So I would have to say most are against it, but even some of those who are against it see it as a necessary evil.  There really is 3 camps on this:  For, Against-But Needed, and Against.

Real ID in Game

This is a new one in that its part of the friends list experience Blizzard has put together and is a way for people to communicate cross game, realm and faction.  However what seems to cause the most drama is you need to know the person’s email address and then you see their real name (first and last).

Some consider this an invasion of their privacy and others do not see it as such.  The 2 sides are deeply divided on it.  I personally think its a great idea, as it brings a more social experience to the game of World of Warcraft.  For others who want to hide their personal identity due to work and/or personal reasons don’t have the option to use a fake name or a persona, so they have to not even use the new system.

Most folks seem to favor this system and are generally for Real ID.  Now the Real ID proposed on the public forums, now that was shot down by community, and created a huge uproar.

Cataclysm Loot – 10 and 25s the same

This one hasn’t even been implemented yet but already it has sparked a debate amongst raiders of whats the purpose of raiding in 25 mans anymore?  With loot being the same, people tend to assume that 10s will be easier, however Blizzard has said they plan on normalizing the difficulty in both 10s and 25s and 25s would be rewarded with more loot and badges.  But is more loot enough of a carrot is the real question.  Hardcore 25 man guilds will probably continue, though I think you will see more 10 mans popping up now.

This one is neck and neck, and probably won’t pull away one side or the other until after Cataclysm is released and people start raiding to see what the true differences are.

Loot Systems (i.e /roll vs. DKP)

Some people are in favor of the the simple just flat roll and let RNG (random number generation) decide.  Others though want some assurances they are in a better position than someone else when it comes to loot, maybe due to the time they put into making the guild better, being at every run instead of a fresh new member.  I can certainly see both sides, and for 25 mans I definitely see the benefit of a loot system not based on RNG, but when its a 10 man, I think a loot system may just over-complicate things.

In the end from reviewing over many discussions on this, I can’t decide which the community is more in favor of, its really the flavor of the week for some.  Hell I even know a friend in game who used to LOVE DKP based systems, now he can’t stand them.


These are not the only “politics” of World of Warcraft, but they are some of the bigger ones.  In the end it comes down to personal preference and what you feel is right, just like politics in government.  So I end it with ask you to think what are your politics, and where do you stand on these issues.

I did leave out one of the biggest ones in hindsight…Horde vs. Alliance, but hell that can be a whole ‘nother topic!

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  2. “Most folks seem to favor this system and are generally for Real ID” I think most in this category would actually prefer to have the option to use a persona/alternate name and then use the “realID” more.
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      I absolutely agree, I would love to see an alias, just for the most part in-game people seem ok with RealID in game and only give it out to their close friends. I have given it a bit more freely to those who I talk to all the time with on twitter (well those who asked via DM) but I would agree that the alias would be better, and more features for privacy sure. But in the end I think people have come around to the concept of RealID in game.

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