Conquering the Pre-Expansion Slump

Before every expansion it seems you run into a slump with your guild and friends.  Some take long breaks, some decide to play new games.  Many friends and guildies are gearing up for Starcraft 2 and are avidly playing their consoles, specifically Red Dead Redemption.  Well this creates spots in raids left unfilled, forced recruiting, where most people you are recruiting are other folks’ alts at this point.  So what to do?

Well in my guild we have had some folks leave the guild, some have stopped playing, however as opposed to other expansions, we are seeing a slight up tick in people wanting to raid.  With the ease of gearing up via heroics, VOA, and the weekly raid quest, we are seeing folks coming back now that they graduated college, are on break and are gearing up fiercely.

We had to essentially stop doing 25 mans as a guild, due to the slump, and have instead opted to do a once a week joint run with an ally guild.  These runs have proven very fruitful for both guilds with both getting nice ilvl 264 loot to assist with each guilds’ 10 man aspirations.  My guild we have moved to doing 10 mans, usually we only fill one, but recently we have been getting 2 ICC10s going, which shows a big uptick in attendance as of late.  Many members have said despite lower gear levels in ICC10, they have had a lot more fun.

Warcraft Icecrown CitadelSo we have pushed the ICC10’s and have had great success.  Also we have had some new members who have taken it upon themselves to organize guild runs on off-nights to run the weekly raid, try for VOA, and do fun runs in old content.  All of which have been quite successful.  On weekends I am seeing guildies get together for achievement runs in heroics and old content.

I think by pushing variety and keeping the fun more intimate its having some of the newer members getting more acclimated and more involved in the guild than in previous expansions.  This is helping to keep the tight community feel of our guild, along with helping with progression for our fun, community driven casual raiding guild.

We will be continuing to recruit and get more new fun folks, and repeating the above things to get them acclimated into our fun, and often deranged group of friends we call a guild.

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  2. It sucks (in my humble opinion) doing endgame pve just to farm for items. Ok, I did ICC 25 once… I did the heroic… Excellent! The first time is a bliss…. maybe 2nd or 3rd out of boredom or for the social aspect.. yeah, even better.

    But farming it constantly just to get epic pixels.. that will soon be replaced with green pixels of higher level.. not my cup of tea!

    WoW Professions´s last blog post ..How to Make Gold With Enchanting

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