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Theramore’s Fall as a Scenario & Expansion Tie-In

On Monday September 17th, Blizzard restarted  all realms to unleash the Scenario, Theramore’s Fall.  This is going to be available to everyone at level 85 for 1 week only before changing to a level 90 only Scenario after launch.  Theramore’s Fall being released a week before Mists of Pandaria goes live is meant to do two things in my opinion.  First is to give players something to do, that isn’t Dragon Soul and introduce Scenarios to the WoW community.  The second is to heighten the tensions between the Horde and Alliance to tie into the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

First lets explore what a Scenario is.  A Scenario is an instanced group quest.  You are given objectives to complete (quests), that eventually lead to the conclusion.  Scenarios should take a group anywhere from 10-30 minutes, depending on skill, gear level, etc.  You can do them with any class makeup, you do not need a tank or healer, though they can make things easier.  Keep in mind they are quests that tell a story, for those players who have been playing since back in the day, then you remember group quests.  Quests where you need a few folks to get them completed because you were going up against elite mobs in most cases.

Now lets review over the two points above of what this specific Scenario was supposed to accomplish.

First lets look a giving players something new to do before Mists of Pandaria and introducing the concept of Scenarios to the WoW community.  This particular Scenario first off I feel came too late, but I can also argue that it came right on time.  Let me explain.  First off the WoW community has been begging for new content for a while now, so with just a week left to go this content has come way late in satiating the players.  However a Scenario is just a series of quests done in a small group of 3 players.  Doing this over and over for a month before launch, even 2 weeks before launch would get old pretty quick.  From showing players what a scenario is I think Blizzard succeeded.  As for giving the player base content to do before launch, while they did that, I felt it came too late.  They needed something else to supplement the scenario, perhaps giving early access to those who pre-ordered MoP to pet battles is just one idea.

Secondly the goal of the Theramore’s Fall Scenario is to heighten the tensions between Horde and Alliance in preparation for a final showdown with Garrosh in Mists of Pandaria.  Also Blizzard wanted to help tie in Cataclysm into Mists of Pandaria.  For heightening tensions I think Blizzard succeeded.  All over social media, especially Twitter, I have seen some heated discussions between Horde and Alliance players over the outcome of Theramore.  So in that regard, Blizzard succeeded in bringing some of the war back to World of Warcraft, stirring up the natives if you will.  However there is definitely a lack of tie-in with the upcoming continent of Pandaria.  Sure there are pandaren in the cities, but why are they there, where is the lead in?  Where is the tie in?  Sure folks will say that happens when you initially go to Pandaria, but I feel like its a bit disconnected at the moment.  Some kind of world event or quests even could have tied it all together a bit more.

I feel that the Scenario concept itself is a success, any class makeup, short, tells a story, linear path of group quests, instanced.  All those things felt good.  As a tie-in to Mists of Pandaria is where I feel this “pre-launch” content fell down.  I liked the Scenario personally, I will keep running it too, I do wish Blizzard implemented something else to tie in Pandarens.  What did you think?

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  1. Somnar

    I think a lead in quest(s) with some background would have been a great way to have tied in the story a little bit better. Having read Tides of War, I finished the scenario and just kinda went “WTF just happened??”

    There was so much more rage towards Garrosh for me from reading the book, and much respect for two of the other faction leaders. There were incidents involving a dragonflight that weren’t even touched with it. For me, it could have been and fleshed out more details behind everything – though it is something new to do and that is nice as well.

    Just my two cents, others viewpoints will differ I’m sure.


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