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Putting MoP into Buckets

Recently the NDA was lifted and there was a ton of stuff reported that is coming in Mists of Pandaria.  The reveal brought to light several items not previously mentioned and also provided additional details on features brought up at the last Blizzcon.  Some of these changes I am pretty excited for, other changes I am not so excited about, and some things I am left scratching my head as to why are these things not in here?

Dislike Bucket

No new race models.  Seriously?  The game is going on 8 years old, its time,  update those character models.  This is so long overdue its not even funny.  I know Blizzard said Dwarves may be in for launch, but honestly this should have been a priority.  Its not, and I am a bit miffed about it not happening for launch.

No communication for Pet Battles.  Does this mean I can’t challenge people directly?  Also no tracking losses?  How much you want to bet there will be some mod out there to do a complete track that you can upload somewhere for a true ladder on it.  I am willing to bet someone is already dreaming that up.  But if I challenge a friend does that mean I can’t trash talk him?  Or can I not challenge him directly, I need to queue up?  Though it says you can challenge someone in the world, but then says you don’t see their name.  This is just very confusing.  Right now this is in my dislike bucket until I get more information.   Also where are the details regarding pet battles on iOS or Android?  Lets make that happen, then it goes to my like bucket.

Like Bucket

11th Character Slot.  Now I don’t need to delete a character, well played Blizzard.

AoE Looting.  This has been a staple in MMOs for a while now, its about time Blizzard added this.

Zone Visuals.  These things look fantastic.  I love the differing yet related vistas we are getting.  The eastern theme is truly fantastic looking.

Scenarios.  Instanced group quests, that provide valor and rep, that don’t need tanks and healers?  Awesome!  Only taking 10-30 minutes?  Also great!  One of the things I hated about SWTOR was when I came across heroic quests and couldn’t find anyone to group with, same thing with group quests in WoW, but now they are instancing them and making them doable in a short amount of time.  I am very much looking forward to these.

Raise your own cloud serpent.  Get an egg, do daily quests to hatch it and raise it into your mount?  This sounds awesome, so much better than hey pay your gold here is your mount, something a bit more interactive.

Garrosh the Raid Boss.  This is one of my favorites, Garrosh as the end boss of Mists of Pandaria.  This guy is a giant jackass, and throughout the expansion the story builds up to some reason that we need to kill this guy.  This is exciting.  The prospect of Alliance vs. Horde as PVE I am really digging.  I hope there is more of this concept throughout Mists of Pandaria.

Unsure Bucket

Manage your farm.  This feature I know many people are comparing to Farmville.  However reading over the details it almost sounds like its a form of player housing, or at least Blizzard’s first step into that.  Ways to improve your farm, clear plots, grow food, herbalism nodes, gifts for NPCs to improve rep.  If you can do stuff for other professions too like fishing, jewelcrafting.  Also hopefully the daily quests are varied enough to make it interesting and that the farm concept doesn’t prove to be exactly like a Farmville ripoff.

Challenge Modes.  With gear scaling to be normalized when you do the challenge modes for dungeons, there will always be a challenge there, however the rewards seem purely cosmetic.  Is the time and skill required to get these challenge
modes completed worth the rewards you get out of it?  Right now I am not sure if the transmogrification gear and epic mount are enough of a reward, will have to wait and see how great they look.


There are a lot of features I am looking forward to in the new expansion, now I only listed a few there was a lot more that was mentioned after the NDA was lifted.  However this is what caught my eye.  What about you, what are you most excited, least excited about, and what items are you still unsure about?

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