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No Blizzcon 2012 – What is a Community to Do?

While I have been slack in updating this site, my other post will have to be put on hold.  Blizzard recently announced there would be no Blizzcon in 2012, so that they could focus on getting out Diablo 3, Warcraft Mists of Pandaria expansion and the next Starcraft 2 expansion.  Pushing Blizzcon back to sometime in 2013, yet to be determined.  So for many Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo players, they see Blizzcon as a way for the communities of all the games to come together and mingle.  With tons of after parties, the time after the conventions has almost become a bigger spectacle than the convention itself.

However now we sit realizing that Blizzcon 2012 is not to be, but yet many folks still yearn for the comradery of their fellow geek gamers.  So what is the community to do?  While some have taken up to petition to Blizzard to still hold their convention, I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon, and if they did, we may end up with the 2010 Blizzcon presentation of “Geek Is…” which I am sure is OK for some, but many were left wanting after that.  Well folks you are in luck because outside of Blizzcon there is a plethora of conventions during the year that are hosted in many parts of the country that you can organize meetups during, while still having a geek central theme.

San Diego Comic Con

Probably one of the largest conventions of geekery, from TV, Movies, Comics, games, its 75000+ people flocking to find out whats in store for the coming year in media.  People in costumes, celebrities mixing it up with fans, its quite the spectacle!  Its located in…you guessed it San Diego.  Not too far from where Blizzcon was held.  This is easily a valid option, in fact Blizzard has participated in this convention in the past, so you can still get your fix!  Though tickets are similar to Blizzcon, difficult to get, have to be quick with your refresh button on your browser.


PAX East

PAX East is in well their terms a “festival” for gamers, video & tabletop.  It is being held in Boston.  There are panels, contests, tournaments.  For those on the east coast always complaining about Blizzcon only being west coast, where here is a valid option.  Though at the time of me writing this, the 3 day pass is sold out, so only individual tickets are for sale.  Being held from April 6-8th.


PAX “West”

PAX was last held in August of 2011, so you can expect it to be held around that time in 2012.  Its held in Seattle, so another West Coast option for folks.  Similar to PAX East.  Here is another option targeted towards gamers.



Dragon Con is one of those conventions that focus on sci-fi and fantasy.  Usually drawing a lot of Star Trek, Star Wars.  Of course there is gaming, comics and many other things as well.  Located in downtown Atlanta, GA.  Typically held in late August.  This is another great option for east coasters.  Also for you cosplay fans, there is tons of it at Dragon Con.


New York Comic Con

Comics, cosplay, video games, TV, movies its a plethora of all things geek.  Also its in the middle of Manhattan!  So not only can you go to the con, but also you are in the big apple.  See the sights, hang out in Central Park, climb the Empire State Building and much more.  Usually the con is held in October, and for 2012 its scheduled for October 11-14th.


Wizard World – Chicago

This one is from August 9-12, and a great option for those closer to the middle of the country.  Plus this con is in Chicago, go get some deep dish! They got a lot of great stuff, need a Warcraft connection, they got William Shatner, if you remember he played a shaman!  Plus many more comic, sci-fi and geekery to be had!


So there are a few options.  Of course if you and your guild want to get together you don’t need a convention.  All you need is some planning and a location.  Plan some events, maybe some trips.  Go to a fun location where you all can sight see, or whatever.  You don’t need Blizzcon to bring together the sense of community many of you feel, you just need to organize on your own.

So in light of no Blizzcon 2012, what are you doing?  Any other plans to get together with your guildmates your gaming friends?

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