Variant Avatar Turns 2!

Two years ago on April 17, 2009 I created my first blog post.  What a long strange trip its been, I feel over these past 2 years I have found my voice.  I have raised controversial topics, I have hoped I helped the Death Knight community.  I have had a lot of fun writing down my thoughts, sharing my thoughts and point of view on things.

Beginning my blogging career has opened me up to so many great people and players across the country and even the world.  People who I never would have interacted with otherwise.  I have been able to share ideas, thoughts and discuss with many of them the issues that are facing us gamers, particularly in World of Warcraft.

The one thing my wife always tells me I never run out of crap to talk about…

So what is next?  Well Cataclysm has only just begun, so there will be plenty more to talk about.  I am planning on getting an iPad2 in the coming months, and plan to try to play wow on it, and provide some feedback on that using the ipad app Every Air.

Also I hope to get tickets to Blizzcon again and provide more coverage of the event.  This year we may get to see the new Starcraft 2 expansion, possibly the next WoW expansion, more details on Diablo 3, and maybe even some details on Blizzard’s new IP codename Titan.  It should be a pretty exciting Blizzcon this year!

Last year was a ton of fun meeting the guys at Leetsauced, meeting Matticus, and him asking when I was going to write another article for No Stock UI.  I also got meet Felicia Day, and I got to meet Fimlys and Hydra from the Twisted Nether blogcast.  We went to The Raid premier at the House of Blue.  Blizzcon 2010 was extremely eventful and hoping to have another eventful trip this year.

My little blog went from something I just shared with my guildmates to a much larger community.  The new people I met and prodding from some of my awesome guildmates in Phalanx of Nod I started a podcast with two members of my guild.  This podcast has also helped increase the popularity of my blog and exposed me to even more great people along the way.  I have been given the opportunity to be a guest blogger on Redhawk’s Gaze and No Stock UI.

Through all these things my greatest achievement was my daughter born on February 22nd of this year.  During my stay I was able to write one article on GMs taking a break, and got to talk with lots of fun folks on twitter during the 17 hour wait where nothing was going on.

I have loved my experience and look forward to continuing to write about a game I love playing, and perhaps even expanding a bit more.  I also look forward to having more future guest writers to bring their points of views and experiences to Variant Avatar.  With World of Warcraft looking to go on for several more expansions and many more future Blizzard games, the possibilities for topics is endless.

In the past 2 years the articles that I wrote that have seemed to spark the best response (positive or negative) either through comments or traffic have been the following:

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  1. Even though I don’t play a Death Knight (and probably never will) it’s been a pleasure reading your blog! You have a great writing style, Ceraphus! I know I’ve said it to you before in other places, but grats on your 2nd blogaversary!
    Janyaa´s last blog post ..Hot Cross Beacons

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