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Evaluating Raiders with Help from Blizzard

Say what?  You read the title, but don’t quite believe it.  But Blizzard has implemented functionality to help us not only evaluate ourselves but also evaluate those we are bringing to a raid.  Where as some of us used to go to many different sites to evaluate people.  We now have tools provided right on the new WoW website to handle these tasks.

How do you use them?  Glad you asked, lets take a look…

First off go to either the WoW website or go to the WoW Armory.  Both now take you to the WoW website, but in case you have the armory bookmarked it still takes you where you need to go.

Search for a character in the top right is the first step, once you find the character you are looking for you will have loaded the armory profile for that person.  Now it will most likely pull up the “simple” view.  As you can see in the image below, there is also an option for “Advanced”.  click on that to begin looking at this awesome new tool.

Once you click on advanced, your view will be altered slightly,providing additional detail over the standard simple view.  In the advanced view, the name of the gear will be shown, with it highlighted in the color of said gear type, so blue for rares, purple name for epics.  The gear also shows what was enchanted on that piece of gear.  Also it will display gem slots, and what gems you put in them.

Next up below the gear is a breakdown of your gemming and enchants.  This breaks down your most used gems, what quality they are and how many of each you are using.  This can give you a quick glance to see if someone is using the wrong type of gem, like a +hit gem when they are way over the hit cap.

What I find most useful though is the Character Audit.  This does an awesome job breaking down if the player is missing enchants, but also looks for belt buckles and also class specific improvements, in the below example you see this character is a jewelcrafter, but they have not used any of the Chimera’s Eye gems available to them.

But lets look a bit more closely at the Character Audit section, in this example you can see it also inspects your glyph slots.  So you can easily see this person is missing a glyph, now it doesn’t tell you if its a prime, major or minor, you will have to do some digging on your own to determine that, but its easily done from the character screen.  you also see that this person is missing 8 enchants and missing a belt buckle.  So what, it doesn’t tell you which ones you say, oh not true.

If you look up on the advanced character screen you can see which items aren’t enchanted as they have an exception next to them, marked by a “!” in a red circle.  This makes it nice and easy to look over gear and quickly identify trouble spots.

All of this gives you an at a glance view at a person’s gear.  The downside to this is if someone is a hybrid, like a Paladin, and this person is typically a healer but logged out in Retribution spec and gear, it will be hard to gauge if they are where they need to be to hold their own in a raid.

But this is really no different than other sites that have sprung up that would pull someone’s gear from the armory and evaluate them.  So thanks to Blizzard for giving us a one stop shop to view and evaluate raiders.  Knowing how this works you can now ask those who are or will be raiding with you to log out in their raid spec and gear so they can be properly inspected.

This information should provide you with better data to have a constructive conversation with potential raiders on next steps and what you are looking for, this should help ease a lot of stress to be forthright with what you are looking for, but also offer suggestions on how they can fix it or how you can help them fix it.  Make taking the nasty red “!” a team effort and you are building strong relationships with your raiding team.


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  3. I found this on battlenet the other night when I was farming an achievement feed and images for my blog project. glad I didn’t complete a post on it as i was considering, because you covered everything here!
    really enjoyed the write up
    Peashooter´s last blog post ..Hunting Elders

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