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Blizzcon 2010 – A Photo Recap

Blizzcon 2010, has come and gone.  No real big announcements other than the last Diablo 3 character class (Demon Hunter).  There were a few tidbits of what is coming with Cataclysm and future patches, but nothing that blew our minds.  Perhaps next year we will get a Diablo 3 release date, update on the next Warcraft expansion, the next Starcraft 2 campaign, and maybe even their secret in development next gen MMO.

But even without a big announcement, lots of things happened, lets get to it…

So I am going to start first with Thursday, the day before Blizzcon.  Upon arriving at the hotel, I was able to stay at the Hilton right across the convention center.  So after checking in, we went to stand in line to pick up our goodie bags.

Line to get tickets and goodie bag

The goodie bag contained the exclusive Deathling statue.  Definitely the highlight of the bag, not including of course the deatwing styled murloc in-game pet and murloc portraits.

After picking up the goodie bag and getting a bite to eat at Denny’s (yeah I went all the way to California to eat at Denny’s), I went over to the WoW Insider meetup.  There I got to meet up with the hosts of the podcast Leet Sauced.  Very cool guys, where we talked about podcast recording logistics.  We also discussed working to get a joint show going sometime in the near future.  I was also able to meet-up as I mentioned in my previous post Matticus and ShadowEmbrace


Ceraphus & Host of Leet Sauced Podcast

Also a surprise guest showed up at the meetup, namely Felicia Day and the rest of The Guild cast, and yours truly was a mere few feet away from all the action.

Felicia Day and other members of The Guild

Unfortunately I left about 10 minutes before Ghostcrawler showed up, so unfortunately didn’t get a chance to tell him how much I love him going off on whining trolls in the blizzard forums.

Friday – Blizzcon Day 1

Day 1 started bright and early, with all the attendees waiting in line for the doors to open for the opening ceremonies.  The line had folks speculating about announcements, events, but most folks were looking for the cosplayers dressed up and walking the line to help entertain the crowd.  Here are a few pictures of the long wait in line


Day 1 Line outside convention center

Ceraphus (Left) and Puckdog (Right)

Random Guy in a Female Bee Costume

Getting Rick Rolled in Line


More cosplayers

Next up was the opening ceremonies.  Everyone (well mostly everyone) piled into the main hall.  On the way there was an incredible Starcraft Ghost costume.


Starcraft 2 Ghost Cosplayer

The opening ceremony kicked off with the standard stats, thanking everyone for being here.  Chris Metzen went through an awesome presentation on what “Geek” means. Favorite part was showing a picture of transformers toys and saying “Geek is having toys so complicated your parents couldn’t figure them out”.

Soon after, we started to kick off some Warcraft panels, where we got some information on the first patch after the expansion.  They talked about the Firelands raid, where we would run into Ragnaros once more, they also mentioned they would release a 5 man dungeon to go with Firelands, Abyssal Maw.

Another item Blizzard mentioned that they will be doing is releasing dungeon maps for every dungeon in game.  Which is just pure awesome.  Another item they mentioned was that in a future patch they would provide Enhanced Map.  Enhanced Map will show 3D model of the boss, what abilities they have and what loot drops from them.  Their goal the designers said was to limit people needing to alt tab out of game to look up this information.

The next item of the day was to get my copy of The Shattering signed by the author Christie Golden.  I also got to meet the author of the book Stormrage and the trilogy War of the Ancients, Richard Knaak, unfortunately I didn’t realize he was going to be there and didn’t bring my copies to sign.

Christie Golden


Richard Knaak

Also here is the winner of the costume contest, dressed as the Diablo 3 female monk:


Winner of Costume Contest

At the end of the night, I went to the Twisted Nether meet-up at Bubba Gump shrimp, unfortunately I forgot my camera.  However I got to meet Fimlys (host of the Twisted Nether podcast), Strio13, Morynne’s (author of husband and several others.  After an awesome evening meeting some great new folks, I headed back to the hotel where I mingled amongst the bar goers, then headed to bed to prepare for day 2.

Saturday – Blizzcon Day 2

Day 2 started with me and my friend Puck heading to Razer’s booth to try and win some fabulous prizes.  The line was ridiculously long, and after playing plinko we won nothing but some flashy pendant and a beanie.

Puckdog playing Razer Plinko

I spent a good bit of time watching the Starcraft 2 tournaments, those guys are ridiculously good, even though I watched the whole thing I still barely understand how they moved so quickly from item to item.  Needless to say those who won, deserved that $25,000 prize, they were ridiculously good at SC2.

Also for all my druid friends I felt compelled to get a picture of this awesome druid tree of life cosplayer

And of course Puckdog is getting a picture taken with some Nightelves…he seems happy, I think…

Puckdog with his Nightelf Harem

The of course the customary picture of Puckdog and Ceraphus in front of some giant statue…this time its the Orc.  After the picture we beat up the Orc, took his lunch money, and wrote “Die in a Fire” because, well the Alliance just don’t have a good battle cry, if one at all.

Ceraphus and Puckdog

Also I was able to track down a very special treat.  Apparently Blizzard was auctioning off an original blade from their data center, but not just any blade, one that originally held my realm of Dalaran.  Ah old Dalaran, you had so many problems.  Also here is one of the original server racks the blade was housed in.

Dalaran Server Blade

Original WoW Server Rack

Puckdog and I decided our guild needed to be here, so we tried to summon them, but the summoning stone was broken, probably a bug with 4.0.1…

Puckdog and Ceraphus trying to summon guildies

Here is a picture of Puckdog just being ridiculous under the giant Worgen banner

Also on the giant mural I decided to put up my guild tag (Phalanx of Nod)

Mural of Names and Graffiti

And of course for the closing ceremony, besides Blizzard teasing us with World of Jersey Shore Craft and Gleeablo, they gave us Tenacious D.  But the even bigger treat was the drummer they had was none other than Dave Grohl, and if you don’t know who that is, maybe you have heard of Nirvana, the Foo Fighters?  If not then get out from under a rock and go pick up some songs.

Tenacious D w/ Dave Grohl on Drums

Tenacious D w/ Dave Grohl on Drums

After the evening was over, I headed to the House of Blues where I had an invite for a private pre-screening of a new documentary called The Raid.  The Raid is a documentary which covered why raiding appealed to people and followed a 10 man group as they went through ICC heroic.  It was well put together and my only complaint was it was too short.  Check out The Raid at

House of Blues - Location of The Raid Pre Screening

Fimlys (Twisted Nether) and Ceraphus at The Raid prescreening

Hydra and Fimlys (Twisted Nether podcast) at House of Blues

Saresa scarfing down a slider at The Raid pre-screening

And that brought my Blizzcon trip to a close.  The next day I was on a flight heading home.  It was great meeting so many awesome people.  A big thanks, hello, and glad to meet you to many folks I met whom I talk to regularly on twitter!


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