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Granting Guild Rep in Cataclysm

With the introduction of guild leveling and being able to level your reputation with your guild all the way up to exalted in order to get some really choice rewards I am hoping they make guild rep something that truly takes into account how much a member commits to their guild.  I hope its not just donating items or money, though both are nice, but only if those items aren’t gray…

So what should grant guild rep, I have a few suggestions…

1. Completing Quests with Guildies

If you go out and quest with guild members, as in grouped with guild members in a party and complete quests, I think that you should be able to get guild rep.  For 5 person parties, I would say at least 2 guildies to give rep.  I would say the more guildies you have in the group the more rep you gain, however I think a big part of grouping is to meet new people and potentially recruit them into your guild, so maybe after there would be a rep cap at 3 guildies in a group.

2. Completing Dungeons with Guildies

Currently I believe you run a dungeon and you gain 1 rep per creature kill.  But where is the guild aspect?  The same idea as completing quests, force a group up of at least 2 members to gain rep.  But instead of just farming trash in an instance to gain rep, have the rep based on completing the dungeon.  This would prevent rep farming and trivializing guild rep.

3. Killing Raid Bosses as a Guild

I believe if you are raiding and greater than 50% of the raid (6 guildies in 10 man, and 13 in 25 man) are in your guild you should gain rep for killing raid bosses.  Not trash to once again force people to complete content with the guild and not just farm rep off trash.  This would force raids to be comprised mostly of guildies and to work together to complete the content instead of pugging raids to gain guild rep.  Forcing one to be active in guild and raids and not just someone who raids when they want to.

4. Completing Quests & Objectives with your Guild Tabard

Just like current WotLK, let players gain rep if they are wearing their guild tabard.  This would mimic current mechanics in game, and also lets you boast your guild to the rest of the community.  I think this in combination of the previous suggestions would be well received and a nice stacking rep buff.  Also it would give guildies a reason other than cosmetics to wear their tabards again.  In this age of tabards for everything, very few folks wear their guild tabard anymore.

5.  Participating in PVP with your Guild

PVP I usually find to be very boring personally.  However when I participate in PVP with my guild I have a blast, I think with the ability to queue for most battlegrounds as a group, doing so with your guild should provide reputation gains.   Winning should obviously yield more than losing.  Wearing your tabard perhaps gives a buff to your reputation gains here instead of wearing a PVP tabard.  Same goes for arenas, if your arena team is built with guild members I think you should gain some reputation as well, more for winning matches.  This I believe may be more inviting to some who are hesitant to participate in PVP.

6.  Donating to the Guild

Allow people to donate needed items (i.e. Fish Feasts, gems, raid mats, etc.) to the guild bank.  This would allow crafters of the guild to create items needed by the guild and gain rep for doing so.  Creating armor, weapons and giving them to a guildie and having them equip it, should also provide rep to both the crafter and the recipient.  This would promote folks to make things for the guild to progress and to provide items and trade/sell them to guild members instead of posting on the auction house first.

7. Weekly Allotment of Reputation Handed Out

Allowing the guild leaders to get a weekly bank of reputation say 1000 reputation and allowing the guild leaders to hand out this rep as they see fit to those who have gone above and beyond for the guild that week.  This also goes along with my previous post of user created content in World of Warcraft.  This makes the reputation gaining a more custom experience based on your guild.  There would also be more flexibility in earning reputation as well.  For example if you have someone who wants to organize an open world treasure hunt contest, well it doesn’t sound like they would earn any guild reputation for doing that, but if the leader was able to give it out then it would encourage people to do more for the guild outside the standard raid.

8.  Leading / Running a Guild

Guild leaders and officers put up with a lot.  Drama, organizing raids, recruitment, etc.  They hardly ever get any credit for doing any of this.  So I think that these critical pillars of the guild should get a weekly reputation gain for running a guild.  So what would stop people from just creating guilds to get this rep?  Well I am sure the guild won’t last long if the only reason for existing is to grant rep to its leaders.  This is meant as a perk to the officers of guilds who often have to go above and beyond the normal functions of an ordinary guild member, and usually put in many hours outside of the game to make sure everything runs smoothly.


In the end, guild reputation for awesome rewards, however cosmetic they may be (mounts, tabards, flags, pets, etc.) still makes the game more engaging specifically for guilds.  These guild changes are among some of the most exciting in a long time for me, and can’t wait.  I can only hope that my above 8 suggestions for how to earn guild reputation are in part implemented for Cataclysm and the reputation gain is not trivialized by not participating with your actual guildmates.

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  2. I especially like the idea of gaining rep for representing with your tabard equipped. Also, I would very much like to see a great deal of flexibility in the reasoning for giving out points. Allowing the GMs some sort of allotted points to award as they see fit would accomplish this. Well done. Cheers!
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  3. LOVE your ideas on this! And totally agree that running instances with our guild tabards should give us guild rep! Totally didn’t think of that, but it makes complete sense.

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