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Patch 3.1 Fun and Fumbles


Patch 3.1 hit live servers on April 14, 2009.  And boy was it anticipated.    Of course no one anticipated the tremendous issues associated with its release.

Patch day was horrible with servers not coming up until after 9pm EST.  Wednesday, except for the lucky few, we saw instance servers and Northrend crashing left and right.

Thursday finally felt stable, but even then we saw some in-game fixes and hot fixes go in.  But Blizzard made good on the issues by giving just about every player a free extra day.

Now onto the good stuff, some of the biggest changes obviously was the new Ulduar raid encounter, along with the Argent Tournament.   Long awaited dual specs (and it only took 4 years) also was implemented.  Many other changes are hitting but they are minor in comparison.

Not going to get to into any of these yet but going to be trying them all very soon and getting back on my thoughts.

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